Getting a steady stream of high-quality leads is…

The most powerful thing that can happen to your business

But which channel is best for you?

Several factors determine which platform is best for your business, from your current marketing budget to whether you serve clients locally, nationally or internationally.

However, the main deciding factor is whether your offering is predominantly B2B or B2C.

B2B & B2C

Google Ads

In our humble (and hopefully relatively valid) opinion, Google Ads is the best channel for most businesses if there’s enough search volume.

With Google Ads, you can capture leads at the exact time people are searching for your products or services.

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B2B & B2C

Microsoft Ads (Bing®)

If your product/service has a LOT of search volume, then Microsoft Ads (aka Bing®), is an amazing channel.

It has all the benefits of Google Ads, but with much less competition, meaning cheaper leads and bigger profits!

A steady stream of leads for a car alarm installer…

“I am absolutely delighted to work with the team at Adcentric. My business is in good hands. They are extremely professional and have in-depth knowledge and experience of Google Ads. I can highly recommend them.”

Amanda van Schalkwyk

B2B & B2C


Search Engine Optimisations is the art of optimising your online presence to generate organic (free) traffic from Google and Bing.

The strategy varies on whether you’re a local or national business, but when SEO works, it can be a game-changer for your business! 

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

If your products/services are mainly B2C, Meta Ads (Facebook (or Facey B as we like to call it in our office) and Instagram) are by far the best way to get your business in front of millions of people for a relatively low cost.

Book a free consultation to learn more.

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“Just please don’t look any further than Adcentric! Jess and Perry have been incredible at building my website and running Google ads for my business. They are both really friendly and are happy to explain things which I don’t understand and they have adapted things to suit me and my business. Nothing is too much and everything is done so quickly and professionally with amazing communication. This is also over a year on from starting with them and their standards keep increasing. They are cost-effective, really knowledgeable and are great to work with. Thanks so much – I’m so glad that we found you guys!”

Philly Wallis, Director, Baby Sleep The Night


LinkedIn Ads

If you predominantly offer B2B products/services, then LinkedIn Ads is the channel for you.

With a huge range of targeting options (including job titles, job functions, company sizes etc.) this is such a powerful platform for getting your offering in front of professionals.

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